Commercial Ventilation

Aber Heating Engineers Ltd are specialists in Ventilation, providing Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services across a variety of different industries including schools, gyms, offices, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, and factories.

An effective and operational ventilation system has never been so crucial to any domestic and commercial property than it is now with the current COVID 19 pandemic.

An effective Ventilation System will ensure a supply of fresh air for staff, visitors, and customers. On specialised premises, an effective Ventilation System is a legal requirement to ensure that fumes, grease, and heat are filtered and discharged from the building safely, to protect those on site.

  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Systems
  • Ductwork Systems and components
  • Extractor Fans
  • Positive Input Ventilation Systems
  • Air Handling Units
  • Heat Recovery Systems