We have a team of engineers qualified to British Safety Standards (BS9251:2014) who can install Sprinkler Systems in Domestic and Residential Occupancies. Aber Heating Engineers Ltd comply with the Legislative Competence Order put in place by the Welsh Assembly, requiring the installation of sprinklers in a wide range of refurbished dwellings (retrofit) and all new domestic dewllings from the 1st of January 2016.

Our team of specialist sprinkler installer’s headed by Sion Jenkins are available for all your design, installation and maintenance enquiries.

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Above all, suppression systems (sprinklers) save lives and extinguishing fires. They are also important in reducing smoke damage and smoke density, and smoke in halation which is the most common casue of death in house fires.

Sprinkler systems are activiated independently, which means only the sprinkler over a fire will open, while the others remain shut.

The instant, automatic response of a sprinkler systems saves on valuable evacuation time and reduces and isolates damage, reducing the risk to firefighters. The ability to be activated individually has a great environmental and economic impact. A spinkler system can reduce the risk to life by half, bringing a fire under control in 5 minutes wherever you live. Fire rescue services can take on average 10-12 minutes to reach a fire, dependent on its location from the fire station. It’s possible to incorporate spinklers into the design of your home, be it a modern contemporary new build or a traditional period home. Spinkler heads can be concealed or painted to blent in with your interior choice.


Different types of installation

System Categories: All three categories can be supplied by different methods to suit the individual design of the property and water supply. The three most common methods are the following:

  1. Mains fed
  2. Boosted main
  3. Combined pumb and tank

Aber Heating Engineers will take care of all the calculations from the amount of sprinklers needed, the power of the pump required to the type of system that would best suit your property practically and aesthetically.

Category 1

Single domestic dwelling such as an Individual House, Flat, HMO and B&B.

Number of sprinklers required: 1 or 2

Minimum sprinkler duration once activated: 10 minutes

Category 2

Extra Care, Residential care properties with up to 10 residents

Number of sprinklers required: 1 or 2

Minimum sprinkler duration once activated: 30 minutes

Category 3

Student or Educational Properties, Residential Care with more than 10 occupants, small Hotels or Hostels

Number of sprinklers required: 2 or 4

Minimum sprinkler duration once activated: 30 minutes