We’re thrilled to announce our involvement in the prestigious new Veterinary School at Aberystwyth University, where we provided the comprehensive mechanical package.

Being entrusted with such a significant project is a true honor for us, and we spared no effort to ensure that our contribution met the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Our role encompassed a range of crucial elements, from climate control to ensuring optimal working conditions for students and the animals under their care. We focused on creating an environment that fosters learning, research, and the well-being of all involved.

We tailored solutions that perfectly aligned with the unique requirements of the Veterinary School. From efficient HVAC systems to specialized ventilation for animal areas, every aspect was meticulously designed and implemented to guarantee seamless operation and utmost comfort.

We’re particularly proud to highlight our installation of 100% renewable heating and cooling systems, underscoring our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. Alongside this, bespoke ventilation solutions were seamlessly integrated throughout the building, ensuring optimal air quality and circulation in every space.